Our mission is to improve the business between China and Europe
and to exchange cultures of both continents,
 with respect of nature, human values
and different insights.  

Our areas of Work

CEBDS offers consultancy services to European companies wanting to do business in China and with an interest to be introduced to the right partners and decision-makers in China. To avoid waste of time and money. To do business in China is a complete different game compared to what we are used to in Europe. The Guanxi (network) in China is very important to be able to do the business in the right way.

The bigger the project and investment the more important it is to be introduced to a  strong and powerful network (Guanxi). CEBDS has access to the most powerful Government Guanxi in China and is able to open doors that are closed to others.  

CEBDS has an extensive network all around the world, working with trusted partners but always open to start new ways of co-operations, with new partners. Of course all our work is related to China, in one-way-or-another. Bringing projects and/or companies to China or vice versa. We like to hear from you how we can help you.

The “One Belt, One Road” initiative, also called OBOR, is an initiative of the Chinese President Xi Jinping to connect China to Europe and other continents. Exchange of business and culture to create a better and a more prosperous society. This Initiative also reflects the intention of the ancient “Silk Route” from the past. Now the New silk route will start in Yiwei and will end up in Cordoba.


The Guanxi (network) in China is a very important part of the Chinese culture.

"It doesn't matter how fast you go, as long as you don't stop" Confucius

We offer



CEBDS is active in presenting European companies and projects to strong Chinese parties. These projects can be in the field of M&A and/or in finding solid business partners for activities in Europe, China or elsewhere. 


Our network (Guanxi) in China is among the decision-makers from the national Government, Army, local Governments and State-owned companies. During the last 20 years we have build up a very personal relationship with the people within these networks. 



CEBDS has access to solid (state-owned & private) companies and organizations in China that are looking for investment opportunities in Europe. CEBDS can introduce these parties to serious interested and solid European companies who are looking for investors. 


Through our network in China, we can help your company to enter the Chinese market with your products and/or Services. This will save you a lot of time and money. 


President Xi Jinping has visited Spain to sign new bilateral cooperation agreements. Including agreements for the two projects CEBDS has presented to China. CEBDS wants to thank His Majesty for making this all possible.

Meeting with our “old” friend Wang Jun

Meeting in the Great Hall of the People with the Minister of Health Mr. Chen Zhu.

Meeting in the Diaoyutai with Madam Wang Jun and Mr Yu Yanfei of the China Institute of Strategy & Management (CISM).

Meeting in the Diaoyutai with the vice Minister of Health Mr. Wang Guoqiang.

“We have organized a Charity concert in the Great Hall 
of the People in Beijing, raising money
for the victims of the Sichuan
earthquake in

You see the rest of the concert at: “Concerts & Events”