China Europe Business Development Services


CEBDS has a professional team in China that can arrange supplies of all kind of different  products:

The companies that we have selected, are solid and trustworthy offering the right quality at a competitive price. CEBDS wil bring you in direct contact with the supplier and your company will in control of the process with our support. 

In the past China had a name for producing cheap consumer products. Sometime of average quality. But for many years now, China is also producing very high tech and high quality products at a competitive price. Through our network in China we will be able to find the best product for you for a very competitive price, all depending on the quality and quantity needed. You can be assured that the suppliers we have selected, are solid companies with the necessary export licence. Due to the past where many bad quality products where send out of China, causing a bad reputation, the Chinese government have changed their policy and are checking the cargo that is leaving China. Checking if the cargo has the right documentation, qualifications and needed certificates for the country it is going to be exported to. CEBDS has a team in China that has direct access with the suppliers and who will check if all the documentation is correct. 



On internet many products are being offered with unrealistic prices, just to lure the potential customer. In many cases to fraud the buyer. Many b2b websites are offering products including all different kind of commodities, medical products, food & drinks for unrealistic prices, creating false expectations, with the only reason to take money from the buyer without fulfilling their commitment. Many companies offering these products online are unable to send out their products in bulk because the customs will check the documentation and in many cases these products are fake and sold, pretending to be the real brand. It has been proven that many companies are using fake CE certificates. Therefore we advise you to check  carefully, if the company is having a real CE certificate.