China Europe Business Development Services


CEBDS is offering its consultancy services to European Companies that seek support in China.

CEBDS has signed contracts of cooperation with several government organisations like a government organization belonging to the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of culture and several other government institutions. Through our network we are helping Chinese companies to find their way into Europe and European companies in China. We help Chinese and European companies to find buyers in Europe and China for their products.

Samples of our Consultancy services:

To arrange introductions to potential Chinese partners, within the National Government, local Governments or State Owned Enterprises (SOE) and large private companies in the field of:
– Market research in China
Introducing solid suppliers (depending on the products needed) 
– Launching products in China
– Finding the right (joint-venture) business partner
– Attracting Chinese investors for projects to be done in Europe
– Finding investment projects in China for European investors
Giving speeches about China
– Training of staff of companies and  governmental organisation. Training programs about Chinese culture and how to do
  business in China.
– etc.


Through our position we are able to connect parties from both continents.


Because of our extensive experience in China and our strong network, we also help European governments and the authorities of provinces and cities in Europe how to do business with China (the Chinese National Government and Chinese companies). We also train people within national and local governmental organizations about the Chinese culture,  helping them to understand the Chinese way of doing business. This  training is very useful for those  people who are dealing with China and Chinese companies. 

Introducing the owner of a large Belgium Engineering company to China Railway Construction company. China Railway belongs to the world’s 100 largest enterprises.

Introducing the Board of a  German Multinational to Mr. Wang Tong – advisor of the President of China, in the Diaoyutai.

Introducing the CEO and CFO of a Dutch-German stock-listed automotive company to Mrs. Wang Jun and Mr. Yu Yanfei in the Diaoyutai.

Introducing the International Manager of one of Spain’s largest dairy companies to Wang Jun in the Diaoyutai.