China Europe Business Development Services

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CEBDS has been founded because of our passion for China, doing business and bringing people together with complete different backgrounds and cultures. We see our role as an international facilitator making the bridge between two or more parties  looking for connection. Our role is at the background and the business is not about us but our clients and our partners are the key players in the process.


We just see our role as facilitator but will keep a close eye on the process when we are making the introductions. As you can imagine making the right introductions is easier said than done. Although the world is getting smaller and people are travelling the world, understanding the people with a complete different culture when doing business is something entirely different. Many businessmen and women have tried to do business in China without success despite their great effort and perseverance. Trying to be successful in China is not always depending on a large budget but it has everything to do with having access to the right people (Guanxi) and having the right attitude and patience.


Most of the time you can only do the business in China, when you have become friends and having access to the right Guanxi’s. It is even for other Chinese not always possible to enter other Guanxi’s. This means you would have to invest a lot of time in becoming friends with the people you want to do business with. Therefore it is important to spend time in getting to know your Chinese counterparts. It is useless trying to do the business at your first meeting. This will only happen if other people within the Guanxi will make the introduction.


That’s why we have spent a lot of time and made a lot of effort since 2000 in building up our present network and making friends. This has been a learning experience. After the Charity concert in 2008, which we organized in the Great Hall of the People, we did enter several different Guanxi’s and have made many good friends in China. People within different organizations and companies. Friendship based on mutual respect and trust.


When you consider to expand your business to China or when you are looking for Chinese partners to help you with your business activities in Europe, we kindly invite you to talk to us and see if we can make a difference for you. We are here to help you along to find the red carpet entrance into China, that will bring you into the right circles where the decisions are being made.

With kinds regards,


Robert de Vos Corts