China Europe Business Development Services


Since 2000, i.e. for more than a decade, the people within the China Europe Business Development Services (CEBDS) have built up a strong network in China among the decision makers from the national government, local governments, state owned companies and state owned banks.


Convinced of the huge potential for both regions to benefit from each others strength, CEBDS is actively involved in the exchange of economic and cultural projects between Europe and China.


We help European Companies and Organizations to find their way in China and Chinese Companies and organizations to find their way in Europe, finding the right business partners, opening up the market, finding Joint venture partners and investors et cetera. Given our European roots and our in-depth understanding of China, CEBDS is bridging the Chinese and European culture. Our network can be found in many European countries e.g.: Germany, Switzerland, Italy, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Ireland, Spain and United Kingdom. CEBDS has also built up a network in the Middle East, Turkey, South America. 


While on the surface it may seem that technology has enabled communication and information exchange, it also emphasises the deeper need for people to truly understand the other culture. Our Company offers a business platform of solid projects that can be done between China and Europe. We haven’t got our experience from reading books or from hearsay but through years of daily practice. 


Board members and Overseas advisors.


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Members of our network, with whom we have a long lasting relationship. 


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Our Mission Statement of the Company. 


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