China Europe Business Development Services


CEBDS is preparing to bring investments from China  to Spain in the field of Healthcare and Infrastructure.  The total investment is being estimated around the € which will create a lot of new jobs in Spain.  After these investment are being successfully, more investments in other countries will follow.  


The investment in Healthcare, will be the set up of a professional hospital for complementary healthcare and integrated medicine. Meaning the hospital will offer the patients the best of western healthcare and Chinese healthcare. This center will be supported by the world leading western and Chinese doctors and medical specialists, offering a combination of healthcare, bringing healthcare in Europe to another level. 

International Healthcare Center Málaga


The investment in Infrastructure is the set up of a free trade zone in the South of Spain connecting several harbours in Spain to China, Africa and South America. In the Free Trade Zone Chinese and Spain  companies can set up their bases to export their products, to the other continents. This large project will be closely developed with the Spanish authorities. 


CEBDS is being appointed by a Chinese provincial government, to introduce European parties to participate in a large project to construct many elderly homes in China. This pilot project will be used by the National Government as a blue print for more projects to be launched in China.   The investment will be done by private parties in China and the provincial Government. 


The Elderly Care project in China is the construction of more than 1.000 new elderly homes including all the services connected to it. We are inviting interested professional elderly care organisations to contact us. 


CEBDS can be helpful in the acquisition of Chinese companies and is helping Chinese companies in the acquisition of European companies. 


Contact us when you you have a company for sale!