China Europe Business Development Services


M & A projects are most of the time very time consuming. It takes a lot of work to analyses the both parties to be able to validate if the two parties are a good match. Most of the time the selling party and buying party are having (of course) a different objective and opposite interest. This makes the role of the intermediary (like CEBDS) crucial to gain success with the deal. CEBDS has access to many companies in China that are looking for specific European companies. Through our own experience, we can say that making a deal successful, it is easier said than done. Finding the right company is not that easy and it demands a discrete way of working. Most of the time, the potential buyer want to stay anonymous (specially when the company is stock-listed) and the company that want to sell its shares don’t want to  announce it publicly that the company is for sale. 

CEBDS offers a very discrete process where the interests of both parties will be secured and protected.

Before we will start the process and accepting the project, we first will evaluate the company that wants to sell its shares. The second phase is evaluating the rate to get success. When there is a positive outcome, CEBDS will start the process after signing a cooperation agreement.


Introduction of a Dutch company to the authorities in Zhengzhou

Introduding a Chinese businessman to the Mr. Gerard Kleisterlee, President and CEO of PHILIPS

Discussion between a potential Chinese partner and the CEO of a Dutch company