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Here you find some video’s about China from interviews and articles from different people and sources. We have seen injustice reporting in the western media towards China. These video’s will give a different perspective about the real situation in China in comparison what we can read in the western media. We can only guess the reason for doing that. 

The real situation in Tibet and Xinjiang according Associated Press and Mr Cyrus Janssen (USA)

Although our company is not involved in politics, we do get sometimes questions from people, questioning  the situation in Tibet and Xinjiang (Uyghurs). We do also speak from our own experience. Better than telling our own story, we prefer to show you here under two videos about Tibet and Xinjiang by Mr Cyrus Janssen, an American who lived in China . 
12 Oct 2021  The Associated Press – (AP’s) recent trip to Xinjiang, China has revealed not only zero evidence of “cultural genocide” but has exposed the lies the Western media (including AP) have told international audiences for years about the conditions in Xijinang and the treatment of the Uyghur people. Depending on the public’s ignorance and providing links AP is confident readers will not click on, explore, and discover the contradictions they present to their narrative, AP attempts to backpedal Western narratives to depict the peace and progress they witnessed in Xinjiang as an artificial facade for “invisible” oppression.