Culture plays an important role in the people’s life in China. The more than 5000 years of history and traditions has shaped the people’ day to day life in China. Footprints from the past are seen in Chinese food culture,music, paintings and architecture. We had the opportunity to take part in- and organize several cultural events in China.

CEBDS can organize special events in China for European clients and for Chinese clients in Europe in the field of music, special TV reports, documentaries, meetings, congresses, seminars et cetera. We work with several national Chinese TV stations, like CCTV and have close contact with people within the  ministry of Culture. In January 2015 ECF also signed a LOI of cooperation with the Ministry of Culture.

Here under some samples of our events:

Upcoming Event in Beijing 2019 - CHINA 2019 - WILD FOUNDATION

CEBDS appointed by CISM to co-organize the event "WILD-11" in China.

Mr Yu Yanfei, Deputy Secretary General of the China Institute of Strategy & Management  anounced that it has established a “Steering Group on Ecological, Cultural and Artistic Projects”. This May, the “Belt and Road International Forum on Eco civilisation” and the global press conference for the 11th World Wilderness Congress (WILD 11) will be held, and the “National Ecological, culture and art Project” will be formally kicked off.

​For this event, CEBDS and ECF have signed a cooperation agreement to be involved in the 11th World Wilderness Congress to be held in Beijing in 2019. At a media event in Beijing organized by the Global Times and People’s Daily, China announced it will host the 11th World Wilderness Congress (WILD11) in late 2019. CEBDS and ECF will help the China Institute of Strategy & Management to organise a high level International event to auction top art during this event. Our team is in the process of approaching relevant people and parties to participate.

  The China Institute for Strategy and Management (CISM) has announced it cooperation with the The National Museum of Wildlife Art for future development of a wildlife-art focused museum in China. The proposed exhibit will feature wildlife and wilderness art representing areas around the globe. It is scheduled to be on display in Beijing, October 2019 – December 2019.CISM is also in the process of establishing a museum in China presenting art related to Wild life.

The 10th World Wilderness Congress (WILD 10) was held in October, 2013, with Queen Sofía of Spain as its Honorary president. A total of 1,100 representatives from 55 countries were present at the event and 25,000 from 102 countries attended online. In 2009, the 9th World Wilderness Congress (WILD 9) was held in Mexico, opened personally by President Felipe Calderon Hinojosa. A total of 1,500 representatives from 65 countries were present at the event and over 10,000 from 100 countries attended online. Both Congresses were exceptionally grand occasions. Meanwhile, it is of uniquely strategic and practical significance for the Congress to have its venue set in China.

The Great Hall of the People, the world's largest parliament building

Charity Concert Great Hall of the People -2008

The Europe China Foundation organized and sponsored the Charity Concert in the Great Hall of the People at Tiananmen Square in Beijing, the world’s largest parliament building, seating more than 10.000 people. CEBDS is very grateful to the Chinese Government for their support and allowing us to use this stage.  This concert was recorded and broadcasted by CCTV on National Chinese Television in 2008.

Performing Artists:​
Jackie Chan, Carel Kraayenhof, Petra Berger, Bert Balkenende, Dejan Lazic, Conductor Eric Lederhandler,Passionata, Shadow, Allan Swoffer, Drummer Ben Mitchell, Zhang Chen Jiao, Liu Chen, the National Chinese Opera Orchestra, Dancers of the Beijing Dance Academy and others.

Video recordings of the concert by CCTV

Charity Tang Paradise Theatre in Xi'An - 2008

The Europe China Foundation organized and sponsored the Charity Concert in the Tang Paradise Theatre in Xi’An at invitation of the Governor of Shaanxi Province. ​​​​

Performing Artists:
​Carel Kraayenhof, Petra Berger, Bert Balkenende, Passionata, Shadow, Allan Swoffer, Ben Mitchell and others.

Simon Napier Bell, Manager of the famous boy band WHAM (George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley)

Special welcome reception of the Board of the Europe China Foundation and the artist by the city of Xi’An

Special TV report by CCTV about European companies and Captains of Industries

We have invited to CCTV crew to make a report about European companies and people. CCTV interviewed CEO’s of several large companies, the Governor of of Utrecht province,Mr Al Fayed, owner of Harrods London, two Dutch Princes member of the Dutch Royal Family, President of Agfa Gevaert and others.